For Busy Fresno/Clovis Area Men & Women...

Discover The Most Fun And Effective Way To Transform Your Body With Our AP Fit Training Program!

If You Have Been Feeling Low On Energy and Confidence, But Are Ready to Take Back Control Of Your Fitness, Motivation And Life, Our AP Fit Program Is For You.

The 3 Easy Steps To Get You The Results You've Always Wanted


Fun Training Sessions Tailored Around YOU!

Regardless of your training ability we'll create sessions to focus around your needs and yours goals to ensure you will enjoy every second while getting your dream results.


Simple and Easy Nutrition

We're all human, and don't believe in restricting your favorite foods. With a few simple tweaks to your nutrition we'll provide your with the right guidance and support to get results while you still enjoy your favorite foods.


Expert Coaching and Accountability Every Step Of The Way

From start to finish we'll be right by your side providing you with all of the support, motivation and guidance that you need to keep you on the right track to guarantee that you're achieving amazing results

What You'll Get:

In A Short Span Of Time You Will:

Commonly Asked Questions

I haven't exercised in a while, will I be ok? If it's been a while since you've exercised, don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll start you off slow while you get results fast! Our expert coaches will tailor the experience for your specific needs to ensure you get the best possible results!

What can I expect at the end of the 12 weeks?
In short, you'll feel like a new you! You'll have a new found energy and enjoyment for exercise, along with new healthy habits making you feel healthier, happier, fitter and stronger!

What if I have an existing injury?
You're not alone! We've worked/helped with 100's of local residents who have existing injuries. We'll accommodate the program around you so you still get amazing results!

These AP Family Members Tried Various Diets & Boring Workouts That Simply Didn't Work.
That all changed when They Found Us!