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Sports Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists carry advanced sport-related degrees and certifications and will use a holistic approach to each injury, including a thorough evaluation to determine what caused your injury, and an optimal course for treatment, healing, prevention, and performance enhancement. Some of the most common sport-related injuries we specialize in include: running-related injuries, little league elbow/shoulder, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and tendinopathies.

sports rehabilitation at Athletic Performance Training


ACL injury, surgery, and rehab can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. Only an estimated 65% of injured athletes return to competitive sport after ACL injury and re-tear rates can be as high as 40%. You need a trusted partner to help you navigate this journey and make sure you don’t become another statistic. Our doctors of Physical Therapy specialize in ACL reconstruction rehab and will utilize the most modern, evidence-based approaches to accelerate your recovery. With a trusted physical therapist and a full strength and conditioning gym at your fingertips Evolve will help you get back in the game, and stay there!

spine care at Athletic Performance Training

Spine Care

Have you been told your back is fragile? That your disc is slipped? Or that you should never lift or train your back again? Here at Evolve we believe your back is resilient – just like you! – and there is hope to return to normal life WITHOUT debilitating pain. Spine pain is difficult to manage and miserable to live with. Our compassionate and experienced therapists will use a broad spectrum of approaches including strength and stability training, McKenzie exercises, pain neuroscience education, manual therapy techniques, modalities, and graded exposure to help you restore function and take your life back.

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Manual Therapy

Pain and limitation are common, but they are NOT normal. Manual therapy is an advanced technique for diagnosing and treating soft tissue and joints. This hands-on approach is best performed by experienced therapists to moderate pain and optimize movement. Our skilled therapists utilize joint mobilizations, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, kinesio taping, and other myofascial techniques to decrease pain, increase range of motion, reduce or eliminate tissue inflammation, and improve muscle and joint function.

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