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Is strength training at a young age bad for you?

Is strength training at a young age bad for you? Absolutely NOT. Strength training is to no be confused with weightlifting, body building or powerlifting. Teaching kids how to perform basic exercises such as pushups, lunges, pull ups etc. will help create a foundation that will help them through life. With strength training we are not trying to focus on lifting heavy weights just teaching them proper mechanics with no heavy loads. The benefits for kids performing strength training are as follows

  • Increase kids muscle strength and endurance for sports
  • Protect their muscles and joints from sports related injuries
  • Improve their performance in any sport from football to baseball, softball to volleyball
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When can kids start strength training? Kids as early as 7-8 can start to include strength training as a valuable tool for overall fitness. Strength training will help build confidence if they realize they are not trying to bulk up and gain muscle.

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